Our Physio Services in Dublin

Physiotherapy covers a broad range of conditions including – but not limited to – the following:


We are fortunate to have Chartered Physiotherapists in the clinic who not only have the clinical expertise of an M.Sc in Sports Medicine, but also have a wealth of experience in treating National and International Athletes in many sports.


Back and neck pain are the most common conditions that present to the clinic. Each case is individually assessed. We focus on the cause of low back, mid-spine or neck pain as we aim not just to relieve spinal pain, but to identify the cause of the pain and prevent its return.


From birth, all children develop differently. Some have straight forward birth histories and are healthy and well. Some have a bit more of a bumpy beginning and have to work a little harder to catch up. Some are quick to get going, some take their time. Children demonstrate strengths and weaknesses in different abilities and at different stages of their development. As parents, we worry and that’s a natural way to be!

Sinéad is both a parent and a Paediatric Physiotherapist. With over 10 years experience working with children from birth to 18, Sinéad has the expertise to advise you. You may just require a one-off specialised assessment and some advice to help your child continue to progress. Or you may be looking for extra sessions for your child with more significant needs, to supplement what the HSE are providing.

• Cerebral Palsy • Spina Bifida • Muscular Dytrophy • Arthrogryposis • Acquired Brain Injury • Brachial Plexus Injury • Down’s Syndrome • Muscle, Bone and Joint disorders, e.g. Hypermobility, Torticollis, etc.

For more information please visit Physio4kids.ie

Vestibular Rehabilitation & Vertigo

There are many causes of Vertigo. Most can be significantly helped by Vestibular Rehabilitation. Your specialist Chartered Physiotherapist can assess what type of Vertigo you are suffering from. This assessment is extensive and detailed. It takes one hour. When the type of Vertigo has been determined, an individual treatment plan is formed.

Women's Health
& Pelvic Floor

Do you have a “weak bladder”? Do you leak when you cough or sneeze? A pelvic floor muscle training program prescribed by your Chartered Physiotherapist can help. We can help whether you have an overactive bladder or a weak pelvic floor. This is a specialist service. Assessments take one hour and ideally involve an internal investigation to check your pelvic floor.


Radial Pressure Shockwave treatment now available. The very latest development in clinically proven medical technology for the treatment of chronic conditions. Especially useful for chronic achilles tendon problems, plantar fascia pain and tendonopathy of the shoulder and hip.


Whether you have asthma, COAD or are just struggling to clear a nasty chest infection, we can help through Respiratory Physiotherapy. We can prescribe a breathing exercise program & provide you with management strategies for your lung condition.

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